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CRest offers out-of-the-box support for multipart requests, extending the default JAX-RS API.

In order to do so, @MultiPartParam annotation has been introduced, and can be used as any other param annotation.

Though, it offers a bit more than the other annotations:

  • contentType: attribute to override the default content type used for the multipart part.

    By default, application/octet-stream content type is used for any and parameter types and text/plain for any other types.

  • fileName: attribute to provide a file name for the multipart part.

    Won't be added by default to the multipart part unless the method's parameter is a, in which case the file name will be used, unless the attribute has been set.

Also note that as soon as a method's parameter is annotated with @MultiPartParam, any other @FormParam of the same method will be handled as a multipart parameter.