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CRest offers out-of-the-box support for Jaxb Xml processor for HTTP response deserialization.

Jaxb is the default Xml deserializer used by CRest. It can be switched to use Simple Xml instead, refer to it's page to get more details on how to do so.

The Jaxb processor is bound by default to the HTTP response Content-Types described in the Deserialization Process page. Please refer to this page to learn how to bound more Content-Types to be handled by Jaxb.


No runtime dependency is required on Jaxb as long as no Xml-bound response Content-Type is detected and CRest hasn't been told to use another Xml deserializer.

Jaxb is now part of the JDK/JRE since version 6+, so if your application runs on a JRE supporting it, you won't need any additional jars.

However for earlier JRE, in order to use Xml response service providers deserialized with Jaxb, CRest needs at least v2.1 of Jaxb Xml processor. Refer to it to get a list of its own required dependencies.

If you use Maven, CRest's POM contains an optional dependency for it that will need to be activated by the user if necessary, as follow: