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End Point

CRest REST interface's methods require to be annotated with the @EndPoint to specify the server to hit.

This can be avoided by building a CRest instance that will default any method end-points to a predefined one. Here is one way of providing it:

String endpoint = ...;
CRest crest = CRest.getInstance(endpoint);

The CRest instance above will default all methods of any REST interface build through it to use the given endpoint, removing the need to use the @EndPoint annotation.

Default Values

Most of the CRest's annotation are optional and CRest will switch to it's default behavior when they are not provided.

Refer to the MethodConfig and ParamConfig constants for the default values used when non are provided.

These default values are customizable, and back to the end-point problem, here is the equivalent using the defaut value overriding method:

String endpoint = ...;
CRest crest = CRest
                .property(MethodConfig.METHOD_CONFIG_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT, endpoint)

The CRest instance above will behave exactly as the one one step above. In fact, the other method is really just a shortcut to the later.